Thursday, 3 February 2011

David Shrigley

I came across the work of David Shrigley recently in a book I got for Christmas called ' Rude Britannia - British Comic Art ' and loved his twisted childlike line drawings. Shrigley finds inspiration for his humourous brand of cartoons in the bizarre.

His style interests me particularly as it is a very, very loose style and it takes the form of being quite crude and limited in its execution and he seems to have developed this type of style for largely comic effect.

It has shown me that some times the illustration does not have to be perfectly drawn to get a message across - why strive for perfection if the artist can still deliver a message.

The illustration below is a typical depiction of contradiction that Shrigley uses to play with the viewer of his work. This work below Untitled shows an unseemly and dishevelled man with the words ' Ha Ha Ha ' repeated below the image. The disgusting face and the joyous text plays a joke with our perception of humour and cruelty so you are left thinking - who's doing the laughing ?


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