Monday, 21 February 2011

Humour has a message all on it's own !!

I'm convinced at this early stage as I develop as an illustrator that I want to work with humour and so i've started to research illustrators and designers who work primarily with humour.

Whilst scanning the website Illustration Mundo I was captivated by the humourous T-Shirt designs of Glen Jones - who is a freelance Graphic Designer and Illustrator from Auckland, New Zealand and he works under the username Glennz.

He creates designs for a large range of T-Shirts, Greetings Cards, Calenders and Limited Edition Art Prints. I really like the pop culture references that have a strong humourous message - and his T-Shirt designs are probably the funniest around and have an hilarious take on life.

Below are examples of his T-Shirt designs and to see his other work - have a look at his website : 

  Party Trick T-Shirt
  Fast Funeral T-Shirt

  For Dummies T-Shirt

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